In the context of energy efficient industrial boilers are gradually dominating the market in Vietnam, aiming to propagate and raise the awareness of individuals, organizations and enterprises involved in the industrial sector on economic and environmental benefits of energy efficient boiler adoption and best operating practices, the Awareness Workshops on “Energy efficient industrial boiler adoption and operating practice” under the framework of Project “Promotion of Energy efficient industrial boiler adoption and operating practice in Vietnam” belonging to Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) that were conducted in June, July and August of 2019, respectively at Tay Ninh, Phu Tho and Nam Dinh province.

The participants of the Workshops include representatives from local authority agencies (Provincial Departments of Industry and Trade and Centers for Industrial Promotion), local boiler manufacturers and end-users as well as national energy experts.

Purposes of the workshop is to:

  • Raise the awareness of enterprise personnel, consultants and energy service providers as well as boiler/steam system suppliers regarding the steam system optimization, especially focus on energy efficiency of boiler (steam production area);
  • Promote and draw the attention of industrial enterprises on project’s activities, including in-depth training on boiler efficiency evaluation technique and best boiler operating practices well as to promote the implementation of boiler efficiency improvement measures in coming time;
  • Receive the feedback and get the better understanding of the current status of boiler operation, barriers and shortcomings on implementation of boiler efficiency improvement measures as well as the designing and manufacturing of new energy efficient boiler in Vietnam.

Through the information and knowledge provided during the workshops, the energy managers of industrial enterprises and energy experts can aware and recognize the economic and environmental benefits of using and operating the boiler efficiently as well as seeing that boiler efficiency improvement measures are very diverse, there are some very simple solutions such as changing the operating practices that can save a significant amount of energy and also there are some solutions that require the investment on equipment and applying knowledge…

For the benefit achievement of the enterprises themselves as well as to ensure the compliance with the provisions of the Law on Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency, the Project Management Unit would like to encourages industrial enterprises to actively participate into the project activities and applying the transferred knowledge for using and operating their boilers in the most effective way, contributing to energy savings, labor safety and environmental protection.

Project Management Unit.